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You FM's Covid-19 song uses Brenda Fassie's hit to spread hope and positivity

YOU FM has released a Brenda Fassie-inspired Covid-19 awareness song. The death of legendary and popular pop star Brenda Fassie 16 years ago this month, was commemorated with a production of a COVID-19 song #LockdownWithYou inspired by her song from her debut album Ag shame lovey. The song was launched by the radio station not only as a tribute to Brenda but to spread the message about COVID-19 and what people need to do to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.


The song was sung by all of you FM presenters including lead singer Bonolo 'Beesting' Molosiwa and produced by Lerothodi 'Towdee' Moagi from Morafe, also the host of the station’s Hip-Hop show. “Our listeners and South Africans, in general, are expected to adopt new behaviors and lifestyles; which is what inspired the song. It is a reminder that even during stressful times, music is an effective medium to spread a positive message, mobilize and give people the courage and strength to cope with the challenges they face. The Lockdown with You song will deliver the COVID-19 message in an informative yet entertaining way and steers clear from amplifying the doom and gloom ' said Moagi


You FM's Covid-19 #LockdownWithYou song is packed with high spirits, positive messages, and melodies that resonate with both young and older audiences.

The whole idea began during an on-air conversation with Pat Cash [presenter on breakfast show #YOUandTheBoys] and then evolved into a song with Brenda Fassie’s 1987 hit song Ag Shame Lovey being used as the cover.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen the nation taking aggressive action against an invisible enemy that threatened our lives. “The Lockdown with You song is not a song for commercial gain but a vehicle to spread the message about what we all need to do during these testing times of the Covid-19 outbreak,” said the station's CEO Tebogo Pooe. The song was launched last week as part of the #LockdownWithYou campaign and has received nothing short of love.


You FM has become a credible and relevant source of information to the listeners by using the power of radio to unpack and own the narrative of “the new normal” through the Lockdown With You campaign, a feature that runs across all shows.



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